Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Car sickness prevention tips

Car sickness is no fun. Some lucky people never get car sick, and others get sick almost anytime they travel in the car more than a couple hours. It can be like clockwork, and when you are trying to drive your car and you hear someone throwing up in the backseat, it can be nerve wracking especially if you have a small child.  As a parent, my son has thrown up in many different states. I am so relieved when he doesn’t get sick on a road trip. That is a success for me. I understand his pain as someone who was always car sick as a kid. You can definitely do things to try and prevent car sickness, however sometimes it’s just inevitable. 

Try motion sickness medicine or arm bands they usually can help settle you enough to where the motion doesn’t bother you.If your child has trouble swallowing pills, keep applesauce cups in your car and put it in a spoon of applesauce.

Avoid hilly and curvy roads if possible, anything that makes your stomach jump can promote motion sickness.

Avoid reading or doing anything you have to focus on in the backseat. Try listening to music to get their minds off it. 

Keep crackers and water in your car to snack on when the queasy feeling starts.
Open a window and get some fresh air.

Stop for a bit, and stretch your legs and relax your stomach.
Avoid dairy while riding in the car, milk can sometimes settle the wrong way and cause sickness

If your child still gets sick, here’s what you will need:

Plastic grocery bags make good makeshift buckets. Check for holes first. Keep them close to where they can be grabbed in a hurry. 
Baby wipes are great for cleaning faces afterwards. They also help get rid of stains.
Napkins or paper towel to clean up if they miss the bag.
Hand sanitizer
Cleaning wipes
Mouthwash to rinse their mouth out
You will need to stop shortly after to dispose of the plastic bag and clean up. 

I hope this post helps you to prevent and help your kids if they experience motion sickness. 

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