Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tips to soothe a baby while driving

Traveling with your infant can be nerve wracking if you have been in the car for a long time. As parents we want to reach out and comfort our babies when they are upset. It can be heartbreaking to see your baby so upset. It can be difficult when you are driving and need to focus on the road. 

Bring toys that play soothing music or have lights. There are so many different types in all price ranges. 

Turn on music, lullabies or classical music is great. Bring a sound machine and turn it on in the car. They work wonders just stay alert. 

If you have other children enlist them to help. Have your older child play or entertain your baby. Ask them to make faces or play peek-a-boo. They can also make sure your baby has their pacifier or even give the baby a bottle.  Remind them to stay seated with their seat belts or car seats fastened. 

Sing to your baby. Sing lullabies. Sing whatever comes to your mind. Make up songs if you want. Use your baby's name in the song for a personal touch. 

Just talk. Depending on the age of your infant they may not understand that you are still there. Even if they can't see you. Reassure your child by saying their name and just saying I love you. 

Get a baby mirror that attaches to the seat. They can see themselves and that can definitely be entertaining.  

If your baby is really upset you may have to pull off and see what's going on. Remember to do this at an exit in a parking lot. Pulling off the side of the road is only for real emergencies and can be dangerous. 

Chances are your baby is just tired or wants to be at your destination too. Remain calm and drive safely. 

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