Monday, December 11, 2017

Oliver the Ornament Review

We all have our Christmas traditions. They are all personal to each family. One of our favorite traditions is all the baking we do leading up to Christmas. We have recipes that we make every year and some new ones too. We also always have appetizers on Christmas Eve for dinner. It’s always stuff we don’t have through out the year. It makes it really special. As a mom, I am always looking for new traditions for my family. I love the idea of passing down things from generation to generation. 

This year we started a new tradition called Oliver’s Ornament. It’s a really neat book about an ornament named Oliver who is an old ornament and has a broken arm. Some of the other ornaments are mean to Oliver because he’s not as shiny as the newer ones. They bully Oliver quite a bit and make him feel so sad. They even hide Oliver from the family so he can’t be on the tree. We find out that Oliver is a very special ornament who was purchased on mom and dad’s first date. The other ornaments trap Oliver in a box but he manages to end up on the tree in the end. The family discusses the story behind each ornament and invites you to do the same. You also get your own Oliver to hang on your tree to never forget to be kind to others. 

Oliver the Ornament is becoming extremely popular. People Magazine named it one of their Best New Books. It’s also one of our new favorite Christmas books to read while we put up the tree. You can find Oliver the Ornament at these retailers

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