Monday, December 4, 2017

Interesting town names

Have you ever been traveling in the car and you notice the town you are in has a name that makes you giggle? You sometimes think what were they possibly thinking when they named the town that. Most towns are named after people who founded them or a president. How many states have a city or town named Madison? Quite a few of them. Some funny town names are only funny if you mispronounce them like Butte Montana. 

Here are some funny town names:
Boar Tush, Alabama
Frog Eye, Alabama
Eek, Alaska
Rabbit Hash, Kentucky
Crappo, Maine
Hog Jaw, Arkansas
Slaughter Beach, Delaware 
Cranky Corner, Louisiana
Stalker, Pennsylvania  
Ding Dong, Texas
Frostproof, Florida
Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Santa Claus, Indiana
Punkin Center, Kansas
Idiot, Oregon 
Boody, Illinois
Boring, Oregon
Disco, Tennessee
Toad Suck, Arkansas

They will really name a place whatever they want. I am not sure if this next list of towns that were named after food were named because they really like it or if it has to do with the history of each item.

Here’s some towns that are food inspired:
Two Egg, Florida
Bacon, Indiana
Ham Lake, Minnesota
Oatmeal, Texas 
Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Sandwich, Massachusetts
Spuds, Florida
Sugar City, New Mexico
Tortilla, Arizona
Lick Fork, Virginia
Chocolate Bayou, Texas 
Bread Loaf, Vermont
Fork, North Carolina

There has to be some story behind each of the town’s names. I hope this post made you smile. I have noticed that every state has funny town names. Please remember, don’t judge a town by its name. 

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