Monday, December 4, 2017

How to entertain kids in the car

You are traveling in the car, your children are constantly asking you that dreaded question over and over again, “Are we there yet?” You are still three hundred miles away and the finish line is not in sight. Your baby starts to cry because your kids are bouncing around the back seat. You start singing some random commercial because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. We have all been there. You are almost out of juice boxes and you don’t want to stop yet again for the bathroom.  What do you do, how can you keep the peace and your insanity in one fowl swoop? Well, don’t worry I have the perfect tips for you! 

How to save your sanity and entertain your kids:

Sing songs, bring cds and music. Bring music that is fun. Also bring a softer lullaby cd for when you are wanting things to calm down. Use your phone and stream music. 

Have good snacks that you normally don’t buy. They don’t have to be junk food, just maybe something you don’t buy a lot. A special treat like fruit pouches or organic fruit leather. Bring juice and milk in aseptic boxes. They don’t need to stayrefrigerated so you can throw them in the cooler when you need them. 

Bring paper and pencils or crayons for drawing and coloring. Coloring books are great for travel. Put the crayons in a plastic bag for easy access. 

Buy a special book or magazine for the car trip. I remember the awesomeness of picking out a book or magazine and the excitement I had when it was time to read it. Mad Libs are also really fun too.

Origami is great for being in the car, just don’t let them throw paper planes in the car.

Pack extra pacifiers if your child uses one. Trying to find the one that your child threw under your seat is not fun while you are sitting in the front. 

Travel sized games are fun, pack cards for Go Fish and War. The travel games usually have magnets in the small pieces.  

Ask trivia questions, play twenty questions, or I spy. 

See how many different license plates you can find as a family. You can also count how many cars are a certain color. Each member has a different color. Whoever has the most wins the game. 

You can always break out the portable DVD player or your tablet for movies or games as a last resort. 

With these tips travel can be less stressful and more about making memories.

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