Monday, November 20, 2017

The importance of kid free time

When you become a parent, you’re children become your world. You dedicate almost all of your time to caring for them, and even entertaining them. Sometimes you do need a break. It is important to have time to yourself to recharge your parenting batteries. Soaking in the tub or locking yourself in a closet with a box of cookies isn’t me time.  Hoping in your new car and going on a trip without your children is a great way to do this. It’s easy to feel guilty about having fun without your children. There’s no reason to feel guilty, you need to take care of yourself too. Being a tired and stressed out parent is not a good thing.  Even getting away on a quick road trip will make a huge difference. You will feel more relaxed and stress free. You can go away with your spouse, friends, family or even by yourself. By leaving your children with someone you trust you can go off on an adventure. Your kids will probably have a lot of fun with whoever watches them. 
 One of the keys to do this successfully is not to call your children a lot. I know you miss them and want to talk to them, however they may become sad by talking to you. You will be focused on worrying about or missing them. Know that if there is a problem their caregiver will call you. It’s fine to call once or even twice every day but not more. It’s really hard not to do, but you should put a limit on it.  
Go to a location where you wouldn’t take your kids. Take advantage of a kid free trip by going to places with lots of adult activities like bars, snorkeling, and shopping. Respect your friends who don’t have kids by not talking about them all the time. You are there to have fun, your friends want to have fun, and minimal kid talk is fine. 
 Spend some private time with your significant other, get massages or go for long walks together. Go to really nice restaurants where you wouldn’t think of taking your children.  Stay out late if you want, remember you can sleep in, no 6 am wake up calls. You can really use this vacation to spend quality time with your significant other. 
Limit time on social media, checking email and working. Focus on you and your trip, work can wait, social media can wait. Enjoy it, because you will have to go back to your busy life soon enough. 
Plan an activity or two without your significant other for some alone time. Spend time sleeping, relaxing in a hot tub or at a spa, you can book a couple treatments, and turn off your phone at the spa and slip in to serenity. Playing golf or fishing can be very relaxing for some. Be able to do things you enjoy and your mate may not enjoy by doing different activities. 
Make friends with other couples on vacation. It can be fun to meet new people if you are social. Strike up a conversation at the pool and get to know them. You don’t have to spend the whole trip with them. 
Most importantly, have a great time and know your kids are in good hands.  Enjoy your kid free time!

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