Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stay Safe with a Winter Safety Kit

The weather outside has turned and there has been snow. While you are traveling this holiday season to see your loved ones or just driving to and from work, you need to have a winter safety kit. It is very important to be safe and stay warm in the event that you have car trouble or you get in to an accident. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the dark without supplies. 
Here are some things you will need for a Winter Safety Kit:
Make sure your gas tank has plenty of gas, going under ¼ of a tank can be dangerous
Two flashlights and back up batteries, you need two just in case the other stops working.
Jumper cables to start your car if your battery dies.
Tire Chains in case you get stuck in the slush 
Spare Tire in good condition
Tire gauge to check your tires air pressure
Warm blankets to stay warm in the car
Bottled water is important to stay hydrated
Granola bars or other snack items to curb hunger
Salt or Litter to get traction if you get stuck in the snow or ice
Hats and gloves to protect you from the elements
Warming hand pouches will help warm your hands fast
Extra socks to change in to if your feet get wet
Small tool kit with a knife because you never know when you may need a knife
Road side flares will alert others where you are
First Aid kit with medicines for the unexpected injury or body ache 
A weather radio in the event of a natural disaster

You can also put your own personalized items in there like favorite books or magazines. Make sure you always have a full charge on your cell phone and enable GPS. It could save your life.  Remember to check the weather before you go somewhere. If the conditions are not safe, stay home. It’s not worth the risk.  If I forgot something please let me know in the comments. I hope you all have a safe and uneventful winter. 

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