Monday, November 20, 2017

Satellite Radio makes a great gift

There are many benefits to having satellite radio in your car. If you love to listen to music or talk radio, satellite radio is the best way to go.  Listening to music can help the drive go faster. It's easier than using CDs or an MP3 player. Using an MP3 player while driving can be distracting and you can't stream music. You will end up having the song that your kids wanted on your MP3 player, play twice in a row. You also have to worry about charging it. There are so many stations to choose from.
 Many of the stations on satellite radio are not available on regular radio. Quite a few of the satellite stations are exclusively theirs. You can listen to news radio from the big name cable news shows. Decade music has become really big. 80's and 90's music is huge. With over the air radio, you have maybe 15 stations. You have one country station and one oldies station. If you don't like the song that is on you can change the station and still listen to the same genre of music. If you are a big sports fan, there are sports stations.  There are even kid's stations which isn't something that is usually offered on regular radio. There is even a station of little kid songs that play songs that you would find on Barney. With all the explicit music, kids need their own stations.

You don't have to worry about losing the station after you drive so far. You don't have to worry about finding a station or knowing the station of your talk radio channel in another state. Speaking of talk radio, you can find comedy, and talk radio regardless of politics. You aren't limited to listening to whatever the local radio stations what you to. You have the freedom to choose what you want to listen to in the car, without worry about what you are listening to. The possibilities are endless because there are so many choices. 

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