Wednesday, November 1, 2017

FamilyTime - App to Protect Children from Hazards on the Internet

The age at which children approach the technology every day is earlier and it is already very common to see the little ones of the house have their own smartphone or tablet and manipulate them to perfection without having the constant supervision of an adult.

But this digital precocity also exposes children to the dangers that can be found on the web. From the pages with inappropriate content, to social networks that hide dark characters with bad intentions, are part of the risks that parents should be aware. Learn how to protect them. 
Parental control applications are a great alternative to monitor the activity of children when they access the Internet from mobile devices or PCs, without them feeling that their privacy is being violated.

These tools offer varying degrees of control depending on the needs. They can be restrictive or supervisory. 
Among all the options that are available in the market for parental control applications, FamilyTime is the one most preferred; reason being its features and the work strategy. Have a look at what does the app offer here!

FamilyTime – Parental Control App
FamilyTime is a complete parental solution that has helped the parental community in protecting kids from all the dangers that lurk online or in the digital world. The app offers a range of valuable features that ace parental monitoring and empower parents to take all the needed control. 

With the FamilyTime parental control app in hand parents can:
1.       Track their teens’ web-history and see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
2.       View the list of favourites and bookmarks saved in their browser.
3.       Monitor the complete list of apps installed on their phones and tablets.
4.       Check the details of the apps such as the version of the app being used, the date of installing the app and the category app belongs to etc.
5.       Check app usage frequency and see the time they spend on each app.
6.       Blacklist any app you find inappropriate for your teen.
7.       Limit screen time by scheduling the auto screen lock on your teens’ device so that the device is disabled at the specific time and is then enabled automatically when the specified duration gets over.
8.       Lock their phone remotely from your Dashboard to control their device usage.
Aren’t these features great? These certainly are. So, give this app a try for free. To get the trial version, go now to the app store on your phone and download the app from there. The trial version of FamilyTime – parental control app works for complete 3 days and provides you access to all premium feature of the app. So, don’t miss the chance and grab the trial version now. You can get the app easily from Google play store and iTunes.

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