Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Creating a car gift basket

The holidays are coming and no matter what holiday you celebrate, you have to purchase gifts for your loved ones. Some people can be really hard to shop for. You may be thinking what do you buy someone who has everything? Sometimes we need to think outside the box and get creative. Maybe your dad or husband really loves their car. You can make them a really neat car gift basket that would make anyone happy. Making a gift basket is really fun and easy. It’s cheaper to make your own vs. buying something pre-made. It doesn’t take long to do. I would recommend it, if you don’t have to ship the basket. You can even personalize it with the brands they prefer. 
Here are some must have items for a rocking car gift basket:
Scraper for the icy days
Car wash certificates
Turtle Wax
Microfiber towels
Travel Mug
Car First Aid Kit
Air freshener
Audio Books
Car Charger
Tire Gauge
Gas gift card
You could even get them seat warmers to keep them warm and toasty this winter. You could also get them a subscription to Satellite Radio. If they don’t have a car that supports it, how about a good old fashion mix cd? Maybe use songs that mean a lot to you or just their favorites. Driving can be boring sometimes. I remember riding in the car when I was young listening to music and singing my heart out to the same tapes over and over again.  I still enjoy those songs today.
After you collect your items arrange them in the basket and wrap or you could even wrap everything individually too to make it more fun! I am sure whoever receives this gift basket will be over the moon excited and will love it!

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