Monday, October 2, 2017

Subers app makes you think

I love playing games on my phone. I have all sorts of apps. Some games get boring after a while. You can only pop so many bubbles or spin the slots so many times before you are bored. It's so repetitive. It's fun for a short period of time. There are word puzzles and other apps that are supposed to make you think. They end up being too easy. I find myself looking for something more. I learned about an app called Subers that sounded like a lot of fun. 

Subers is a Rebus game where you use the pictures they provide to solve the puzzle. You rewrite it using the pictures.  It's always a phrase or sentence. I love brain teasers. I was surprised at how difficult the puzzles are. It took me some time and thought to solve the first puzzle. There are extra pictures to throw you off. It makes it fun though because who wants to do something easy?

 I have spent a lot of time playing Subers. I probably look silly when I play because I am just saying random words to figure it out. Some of the puzzles are tricky where you think you know what it is because it sounds like it could be right but it's not. One puzzle I thought I had the first part of it and it ended up being something different. Some puzzles you have to use your imagination to solve them.

It's a lot of fun and great for times when you are waiting at the doctor or just want something to do at home. You can play in a group of up to ten. You can trade tiles with friends to solve the puzzles. I haven't tried the group play but it looks like fun too. Get ready to think though. It's great to have such a challenging game to play where I can constantly exercise my brain. It would be good for anyone who is trying to work out their brain or anyone who is up for a challenge. The app is also free. You can purchase additional puzzle packs for 99 cents each. It will provide you hours of fun. It is also AD free so it won't distract your thinking process.

Subers is available on both Android and Apple devices. 

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