Monday, October 9, 2017

Self driving cars and the future

I used to watch the Jetsons when I was growing up. I remember thinking how cool a flying car would be. I knew that it probably wouldn't happen any time soon because that would be crazy. However, self-driving cars are being designed and tested. It will be a quite a while until they will be on the market but that would be neat. I sometimes have dreams that I'm in a self-driving car. I always have to hop in the driver seat while it's moving to drive the car. I am not sure if there's an issue with the computer or what's going on. It's a pretty weird dream. I always seem to make it safely though.

I would wonder what kind of safety features a self-driving car would have. How would it stop an accident? If it did get in an accident, who would be responsible? I am assuming it would have some kind of camera to check that. Would you sit in the driver’s seat still or could you play on your phone or take a nap? What would all the professional drivers do for work? Would you go test drive one at a car dealership?  I have so many questions.  

I think we are still far off from self-driving cars. I am not sure that I would own one if I could. I would like to still be in control. What is someone hacked in to your car's driving system and uses it to cause you harm? I know that car companies would do everything they can to keep people safe before releasing self-driving cars on the market. It would be nice not to have to drive yourself places. It would be weird the first time looking over and seeing no one in the driver’s seat the first time.  I'm hoping someone invents and perfects teleporting really soon because that would be amazing. 

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