Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to handle traffic delays

Whether you are attending an event or live near a venue traffic can be insane. They just opened an IKEA in my area and traffic has been awful. Sometimes it's travel traffic, regardless of the reason for the traffic, it's not fun. No one anticipates delays. It can be frustrating when you are running late or have an appointment. 

Unfortunately, there's not too much you can do about it. You have to be patient, getting upset about it, won't do any good.  You can try and avoid the traffic if you know that there is an event happening. 

Having alternate routes are always a good idea. 

Make sure you always have plenty of gas especially in the winter.  You don't want to run out of gas while in traffic. 

Listen to traffic reports, use apps before you leave to check if your going to be in an area with traffic jams. Pay attention to signs alerting you to delays. Try to take another route if possible. 

Relax and try and be positive. Don't get upset or angry. Remember that you are all in it together. 

Listen and follow any directions from police or safety workers. 

Remain in your vehicle at all times. Getting out can cause other delays. 
While you are driving, look at the traffic on the other side of the road. If there's construction or traffic isn't moving don't go that way on the way home. 

Avoid construction areas if possible. Remember to never speed especially in construction zones. You could seriously hurt some one. 

Be understanding and remember to pull off the road if there are emergency vehicles coming. 

Sometimes it just happens out of nowhere and all the planning to avoid it, just doesn't work. Know that you will get there eventually.  Enjoy a snack or play a game with your kids. Remember not to make negative comments because it will make your kids get upset too. They feed off your energy. 

This too will pass. It's just traffic. It will be over soon and you will be on your way shortly. 

Even if it takes longer, the most important thing is that you arrive safely.  

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