Thursday, October 12, 2017

Don't forget the maps

Growing up we went on many road trips. We would drive to Florida every spring break. We also would go to North Carolina almost every summer to visit family friends. My mom could probably drive from Florida to here in her sleep. However, roads are always being worked on. Indiana seems to always have road construction in the summer, every summer. It makes sense because you can't work on the roads in the winter with the weather and cold. It's always a good idea to have a couple ways to get somewhere in case there's construction or delays. 

Maps are important. I know that everything is online and we have GPS but it doesn't replace paper maps. Noah has had atlases to look at. I have taught him to read maps because you never know when you will lose service or your phone battery will die. I remember one time I was in the car with a friend. We drove to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. She had GPS built in to her new car. We were trying to find our hotel and ended up at the police station. We didn't have a map with us. We ended up having to ask for directions. While you can do that, you rely on someone else knowing where it is. When you are vacation, it's likely the other person is on vacation too. This was before smart phones so we didn't have any other form of GPS or maps on our phones. Thankfully we made it safely and didn't get lost. 

Getting lost can be an adventure except when you end up in a bad part of town late at night. That can be very dangerous. My family still pulls out the maps from the glove box and checks the GPS to make sure it's right. Sometimes it can be wrong. It's not perfect yet we rely on it to be. You can definitely benefit from having maps to help you get where you are going. It's also fun to appoint a family member to be the navigator. That way you don't have to worry about your cell phone dying or going somewhere that is uncharted. I know that you can't use a GPS to get to my aunt and uncles house in the mountains. 

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