Friday, September 8, 2017

Signs your car is not working properly

No one wants to experience car trouble. It's something almost everyone goes through at some point. It might be hard to decide if it's something you must get fixed immediately or something you can wait a little while. You should try and have some money for an emergency, but I know that's not something everyone can do. Saving a little each month might break your budget. While you should keep your car in good condition, you need to know when you need to get your vehicle fixed right away or when you can wait. It may be cheaper to just go to buy a new used car.

If your car starts smoking under the hood, it's likely your car is overheating. You need to get it to a shop immediately. If you keep driving your engine will probably be damaged. You don't want engine damage. Smoke anywhere is never a good thing. If your exhaust is overly smoky there is probably a problem too. 

Check engine light flashing can be cause for concern. I know that sometimes a check engine light comes on and stays on for a long time even though the issue is fixed. If it's flashing it means get your car checked now. It's not just a "computer reset" it's a real issue. 

If your car is shaking or racing or chugging there may be an alignment or performance problem. Your car also shouldn't make any strange noises. Noises like dragging or droning can indicate a wheel bearing problem. If your car squeals or makes grinding noises when you start slowing down, you should get your brakes checked immediately. 

If your car does any of these things, please get your car fixed right away. It's important so you don't have costly repairs in the future.

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