Saturday, September 9, 2017

Reasons the heat in your car is not working

Mornings are starting to get colder. It's definitely hoodie weather when Noah goes to school. We will soon trade the air conditioning for the heater. It's important to have working heat in your car, especially in the winter months. It can be so easy to not even think about if your heat works in your car at this point in the year. I recommend checking it and seeing if it heats up. You don't have to keep it running long. My mom lives in Florida and when she drives here in the colder months, I have her check her heat. She rarely uses it. The only time she does is when it like fifty degrees outside. 

 Trust me, you will thank me if you find out that it's not working. It gives you time to get it fixed and you aren't frozen when you get to work.  

Here are some reasons why it may not be working:

The vents are closed. I am notorious for shutting the vents when I get too cold. It's easy and simple. I asked my friend the other day if I was too young for hot flashes. We realized my vents in her car were closed. 

Check your fluids. Your antifreeze might be low or leaking in to your radiator. 

You may have a thermostat issue when your car isn't heating up the engine in the right way. 

You might have a blower problem where the fan isn't functioning properly. 

A good idea is to get your car serviced and have them check your heating and ac. Just like we get our furnaces in our homes serviced, our cars need it too. 

Plan to have both of your heating systems serviced around the same time so it will be easy to remember. Sure, it's annoying and costs money but better to do it and catch the problem than waiting until you are faced with major repairs. 

Don't try and just ignore it. It can be very cold and uncomfortable. If you have children, it's extra important.  Remember that it just doesn't keep you warm. It also has a part in the defrosting process so you can see safely on the road. 

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