Thursday, September 28, 2017 helps check your car seats

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When you are expecting, you will have to purchase a lot of baby equipment. There are a few things that are must haves followed by things that you may want or think are cute. Besides having a crib, you will definitely need a car seat. You can’t even leave the hospital without one. There are many things to look for in a car seat for your baby. Safety is very important. I recommend a 5 point harness. It’s also a great idea to get one that is FAA approved for when you travel in a plane. I have done both the car seat and lap child options while traveling. You still have to bring your car seat on the plane. You can check it easily. One thing expecting parents don’t think about is, the best car seat for their car. Some car seats fit better in certain cars. It also depends if you have multiple car seats in your car. Some of them are big and bulky. The last thing you want to do is buy a car seat that doesn’t fit in your vehicle. You may dread the whole return process. If you bought it online, you may be in for a huge headache.

The best way to fix this, is to check out They have you covered. They will show you what kinds of seats you should get for your car. They will also tell you how to properly install the car seat on your specific car.  With their car seat checks, they even grade the type of car seat so you know what works best. If you have ever had to install a car seat, it can be a very frustrating and tedious process. I remember when Noah was a baby, I rode in the back seat with him for a long time with my hand on his seat. I had it installed properly but sometimes you can’t be too sure.

You can find lots of helpful information when it comes to everything to do with cars. It’s a great resource to check out. I love that it has so many videos and interesting content.

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