Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ways to keep your car cooler in the heat

It might be August, but the heat will still be around for another month. Depending where you live, you might have heat all the time. Getting in to a hot car can make you feel uncomfortable. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is when I visit my mom. I know that her car will probably be hot. 

Unfortunately, when you turn on the car it will not immediately cool down. That would be really neat if you could. Until a car company comes up with that technology, you must come up with other ways to beat the heat. Here are some ways you can keep your car cooler. 

Put a drink holder over the gear shift. They are something that are often given away at fairs. I personally have a ton of them. Who doesn't love a free drink holder? I have so many that I gave my aunt and uncle some to replenish their worn-out ones. It will help keep the gear shift cooler so when you drive you won't burn your hand. 

Use a car shade. You can get them in any design you want online. It helps keep the sunshine from coming through your front and back windshields. You can also get window shades to block the sun. It's also great for keeping the sun out of little one’s eyes. Remember to move the windshield shade before driving though. 

Cover the steering wheel with a towel or a light blanket. If you forget to do this have a pair of gloves in your car to protect your hands. 

Use wet wipes to cool down seat belt buckles. Little hands can be extra sensitive to the heat. I often buckle Noah in on hot days even though he grumbles something about not being a baby. 

Keep frozen water in the car so you have something to drink. The heat will melt the water while still keeping it cold. 

Be mindful about what you have in the car. Don't expose CDs and things that can melt. I know I have said this before but do not leave crayons in the car. They will melt and it will be a huge mess. 

If you are going to be in another store and its really hot outside bring a cooler for food. We occasionally go out to eat and leave with left overs. We usually go to the grocery store afterwards while we are out. You don't want your left overs to get ruined. If you forget your cooler or buy chocolate take it in to the store with you. I know it sounds weird but we have done it several times. 

Keep your windows cracked. This will help some of the hot air escape. While it won't help keep the car completely cool, it will get rid of some of the hot air. Make sure you only leave the windows open a little bit. So, no one can break in your car. 

Park in the shade. If you park in the shade it will keep your car cooler than parking in direct sunlight. If you can park in a parking garage that's even better. 

Never leave your pets or children in the car. It's very dangerous. Leaving the windows open is not enough to protect them from the heat. 

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