Monday, August 14, 2017

Sell your car to a dealership for cash

Sometimes when you decide to downsize and sell your car, you look for a private buyer. Selling a car privately can be risky. The buyer might not have the money up front and want to make payments. Depending on if you are a trusting person like me, you might never see all the money. You end up in court and it is a long drawn out battler to get paid. You can always opt to not take payments but sometimes you get taken to court because something happens months later with the car. 

You might not know this but some dealerships will buy your car and not use it as a trade in. They will give you a fair price and a check. You don't have to worry about the check bouncing or anything going on later. You know that everything will be legal. You don't have to worry about them transferring the title and getting in an accident while the car is still in your name. You are at their mercy until the title is transferred. They could get in an accident and you could be sued because essentially, it's still your car.  

West Valley Chrysler Jeep will possibly buy your car. It's really easy. They have five steps they go through. 

Step one is the inspection. They will look over the car to see the condition of the car and if there's any damage. Some things like frame damage or a salvaged title will impact their offer. If you have minor imperfections that won't affect their offer. 

Step two is they look at your car's history to see if it's had any accidents or problems. 
Step three is researching the current market conditions which helps them determine their offer so it is fair for all parties. 

Step four is the test drive. They have to see how it drives to make sure it runs well before purchase. 

Step five is writing you a check if you reach an agreement. 

They don't purchase every car that comes in but it's worth the time to check it out. It will be less of a headache than trying to sell your car for months to a private seller.

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