Saturday, August 12, 2017

Oh no, we were towed

It's very scary to go out to your car and find it missing. You might wonder if you parked somewhere else or you forgot where you parked. After you still can't find it you imagine the worst. You worry your car has been stolen. You get ready to call the police. Sometimes your car gets towed. 

When we were in Florida my mom moved to a new apartment. We went to get the keys from the management and the leasing agent told us about a parking pass. He said to put it on when we get around to it. 

Well we were getting groceries and moving and making everything nice and didn't put it on right away. She has lived in another one of their communities for years. It just didn't get done. We had a million things going on at the time. 

The next morning, my mom got up and her car was gone. There have been kids who are stealing cars and taking them for a hot ride and just leaving them places. My mom naturally thought her car was stolen. She woke me up and we roamed the parking lot. I wasn't even wearing shoes. She had talked to another resident who said it was probably towed. No one told us my mom's car would be towed if it wasn't on there right away. If we knew it was urgent, we would have done it right away. 

My mom went to the front of the complex and there was a sign that said unauthorized cars will be towed. She surely thought that she lives there so, she's authorized. They also didn't tell her that guests need parking passes too. It was a very hectic morning and it seemed like forever until the leasing office opened. 

My mom called and emailed all the contacts she knew of. She even called the emergency maintenance number just to speak to someone. Thankfully it was the guy who knows us well. He's really nice. 

The leasing agent came to the apartment and apologized for the mistake. He didn't let us know that it's really important to put the parking pass in right away. So, if they say when you get around to it. Do it immediately. They paid for us to take an uber to the tow yard and then we had to wait for a black SVU in the hot sun. It was kind of scary though cause in movies those are the cars you never get out of. 

The tow guy was really nice and of course the apartment company paid for everything and we had her car back. It was annoying and it ruined our day. 

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