Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to train your puppy to potty with little to no effort

One of the biggest issues for people who never had a dog is having to take it out so many times during a day. This is not only really exhausting but is an enormous investment of time. 
It is one of those things where people say to themselves “oh, it’s going to be easy” just to discover that puppies are really needy. 
Pottying is the biggest issues as dogs have to do it several time a day. If they could do it in backyard, this would really reduce the time required as you would then only have to take out dog for exercise. 
Anyway, here are some things from the experts at Kaufmann’s Puppy Training you need to know about. You’ll learn how much time pottying actually takes and what all the measures you have to take beforehand are.

Basic stuff

In a way, potty training starts from selection of a puppy.
When you visit a breeder, pay notice to his habits - whether he lives in a neat or filthy environment. Although this may seem too early, dogs adopt behavioral patterns from the get go. If the puppy was raised from the onset in a filthy home, it is more likely that it will be “filthy” and that the training will be harder.
There are a lot of things that you need to do as well. 
First, you need to recognize that potty training is the first thing that you will teach your dog. It sets up basis for all other trainings and is important step in connecting to him. That being said, it is something that should be done by you and you alone. It becomes confusing for a dog when he receives commands and instructions from several people. Eventually, he will learn but it makes the entire process that much more difficult. 
You also need to be very patient. Accidents are common, they will constantly occur from some time but it is your task not to be furious or to have severe reactions. It may scare the dog even causing it to fear you. 
Awesome tips 

Potty training mainly pertains to things which you do when a dog feel the urge and how you address them. 

• You need to have a command for everything. These commands will tell a dog to wait or to pee. Use one and the same words constantly
• Although you shouldn’t beat your dog, you should still show your discontent when he pees or poos in the house. This is how it can recognize that the behavior is not acceptable
• Pet your dog when he does the right thing. This is the best way to encourage positive behavior
• Make sure to wake up before dog does. He will need to go to pee as soon as it wakes up and you are the one that needs to make sure he does it outside
• Force your puppy to pee before going to sleep. Dogs tend to accumulate urine during the night increasing the chances of accident
• Dog shouldn’t be excited or stimulated in any other way when it is about to pee. This will only cause loss of control and he will start peeing all over the place
• Proper diet is a must. Here, I am not only talking about eating the same food but also same portions. This makes tracking more easier
• If the dog starts being nervous, there is a good chance he needs to go outside

Lastly, make sure to have fun with your dog. Although potty training may seem as a bit intimidating term it is something that can become a fond memory one day. 

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