Friday, August 11, 2017

How to handle a car recall

When you get the mail, you might be surprised to find a letter from your car manufacturer alerting you of a recall. You might be panicked at first but try and remain calm. It's very important to get it taken care of asap. Some recalls are small things and you can choose whether or not to do it. I would suggest doing it anyways. If they are sending you a notice there's a problem. It could likely be something serious to do with the safety of your car. It could be your airbags. You don't really think about them until you need them. Sure, it's annoying but you really need to do it right away. This way you don't have to worry about it. It might be easy to say it's not a big deal and put it off. 

We are all busy but no one wants to endanger their families or others because they didn't take the proper steps. Follow the directions on the letter. If you have questions or concerns contact the car company or even the dealer. Your dealership will have the information you need to know. They might even help you fix the recalled issue easier. 

If you hear about a recall online or on the news check and see if your car is affected. If you are unsure call and ask. There's no such thing as a stupid question. Use sites like Recalls.Gov to look for information. That's a great site to have for any kind of recalls. I think a lot of accidents happen with products when they don't know they were recalled. 

What do you do now that your car is recalled? Don't worry, you are not responsible for paying to fix the problem. The manufacturer is required to pay for any fixes resulting from a recall. Depending on the recall you may have to get a rental car. The manufacturer pays for that too. It's also the manufacturer's job to alert you of the recall. Sometimes mail gets lost or you throw things away so check periodically and see. 

When you are purchasing a used car from a private party, check the recall list and make sure you aren't buying something that has been recalled. 

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