Sunday, August 13, 2017

Getting your car serviced after a minor accident

At some point in your years driving, you will probably get in a minor accident. It might be a fender bender but it's important not to ignore it. You might have slight cosmetic damage but there could be more than the eye can see. You really should take your car in to be checked out. This is important for the health of your car. 

You could have leaking. Sometimes it's hard to tell if your car is leaking fluids or if it's just precipitation. If you park your car on the street it can be hard to see if there is liquid on the ground. 

Did you know that an accident can cause your car battery move slightly? It can affect your car's battery life. You never want to be in the position where your car doesn't start. It always seems to happen when you really have to be somewhere. 

It's also important for the value of your car. Getting the necessary repairs for cosmetic reason can help you retain value of your car. 

There might be an alignment problem that could cause further damages to your car. That usually only happens if it's more than a dented bumper. 

The longer you wait the harder it might be to get it repaired. If the accident wasn't your fault, the insurance company usually has a time limit before you can no longer claim damages. 

Take your car to your dealer's service shop. I prefer dealer's service shops because they are familiar with the exact car you have. A random mechanic may not know much about your make or model. You also know that they will do a good job and won't try and add on extras that you may not need. 

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Take the time to get your car checked out even after a small accident. 

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