Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash

When you are purchasing a new vehicle, you don't usually want to hold in to your old car. Kelley Blue Book made it easy. You can now get something called an Instant Cash Offer. It's an easy and dependable way to sell or trade in your car anytime. It's a real offer based on Blue Book offers. It's really simple to start. You fill out a short questionnaire and then you receive an offer that is good for three days. You will have to take the car to the dealership to verify your features and condition. 

This really takes out the guess work out of how much you might receive for your car. You don't have to shop around because you will receive a fair amount for your car. Since it's based on Blue Book values it will be more accurate and acceptable for you and the dealer. The cash offer is unique to your specific car so it will be personal. It's a new and refreshing way to see how much your trade in or car could be worth. 

The difference between the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash is: It's a fixed offer applied toward your next. At purchase or used to sell your current car to a dealer pending inspection. 

The offer is also valid for three days not including Sunday. I really like that they give you extra time to decide. 

The Cash Offer is also based on your car and the condition of your specific car instead of cars similar to yours or a generalized value. 

You can check out your car's Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer at

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