Monday, June 5, 2017

Christopher Radko Beatles Ornaments

Growing up I listened to The Beatles. My dad is a huge Beatles fan. My dad used to play the guitar a lot and had a guitar like The Beatles had. I think it was a Rickenbacker but I am not sure honestly. When my sister was in high school she loved The Beatles. Her room was covered in Beatles posters. Mine was covered in Romeo + Juliet posters. My cousin Susie is also a huge Beatles fan. They both still love The Beatles. 

My sister is very hard to shop for when it comes to gifts. In the past, I used to buy her makeup sets and gift cards. She doesn't wear much make up anymore and I find gift cards impersonal sometimes. I would love to give her something she would really love. I also know that she does what I do when I get gift cards, uses them for household things or on her kids. 
 I found a unique gift idea from Christopher Radko. They make gorgeous Christmas Ornaments. They have amazing Beatles ornaments that would be a great addition to any Beatles Fan's collection. They are bright and just fun to look at. There's no reason that The Beatles ornaments should be packed away until Christmas. You could put them in a curio cabinet to enjoy all year long. I love all of them.

I received The Beatles Record Player. The detail is awesome. It has records on it of some of their most loved songs. It has a photo of The Beatles and their autographs. 
Here's some information from Christopher Radko:

Christopher Radko has meticulously recreated what is considered by most collectors to be one of the ultimate Beatles memorabilia pieces to own! The designers at Christopher Radko searched tirelessly through vintage photos of this 1964 Beatles record player to painstakingly reproduce the photos and graphics that were used on the original player. This record player comes complete with its own collection of early Beatles’ 45’s using the original vintage cover and label art. The Beatles enthusiast in your home will sing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” when hanging this beautiful ornament on their tree!
I think my sister might try and walk off with my Beatles ornament. I also love the Yellow submarine ornaments. I know what I will ask for my birthday this year! I'd love to own the entire set. 

For more information please visit Christopher Radko

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