Monday, May 8, 2017

Ways to save on fuel

While you are traveling this summer, you will likely go on a road trip. Road trips are a great way to save money vs flying. You want to be smart about planning your road trip and that usually includes a budget. One of the unpredictable things is how much you will spend on gas. Prices can vary from state to state, from town to town and even station to station. Here's some tips you can use daily to help you save on gas. 

Look in your trunk. Trunks can become storage containers for things that you aren't using but haven't taken out of your car. I knew someone who carried a stereo in his trunk for years. It wasn't a car stereo, it was an old-fashioned stereo that had no purpose but to take up trunk space and add weight. 

More weight means more fuel. Find things you aren't using in the car and take them out. It will also make it easier to put stuff in your trunk when you travel or for groceries. 

Keep your car healthy. Get regular oil changes. I know it's annoying and you have to sit there and wait but it's important. You don't want your car to break down on Christmas Day on the side of the highway. Trust me. You do not want this. Getting your oil changed can help your fuel economy.  

Keep your tires inflated. This is also another important safety reason because it can make your tire wear faster meaning you must buy new tires more frequently.  It will also give you less miles per gallon. 

Avoid high traffic areas if possible. If there is a lot of stop and go and waiting you will use more gas. If you can leave earlier or later consider doing that. You should also avoid construction zones. You can use traffic apps to show you the traffic flow and if there are any accidents.

Avoid revving your engine, it sounds cool sure but it wastes gas. Slow down and drive safely. 

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