Monday, May 29, 2017

Playing the recorder

Since Noah just finished 4th grade, he learned to play the dreaded recorder. When he brought the paper home to purchase one, the whole world heard me groan. I hated playing the recorder. It was up there on the most annoying sounds list. I sucked it up and handed him the five dollars to get one of his own. I am sure I joked about getting earplugs on Facebook. 

Noah started out a little rocky. He has a little experience playing the piano. He practiced a lot. The only time it would bother me was when it was 7 am on the weekend and it would wake me up. He got really good at Hot Cross Buns and Ode to Joy. He mastered Recorder Karate in his music class. He was the first one to get his black belt in Recorder Karate. 

He got bored with playing the same songs so he decided to teach himself some new songs. He didn't use music or anything to teach himself. He learned it by ear. The first song he taught himself was Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. It's one of the songs on a cd he stole from me. He's really good at that song. He learned it in no time. He also taught himself the Star Wars theme. That was impressive. He is really musically talented. After that he learned The Gravity Falls theme song. 

He's become interested in Harry Potter and is reading the first book. His teacher gave him a copy of it that was falling apart. I ended up buying him a new copy to read. I told Noah I was going to mail his teacher a bill for the new book. So he's currently teaching himself the Harry Potter theme song. He's such an amazing young man. I wonder what he will learn next. 

He also wants to learn guitar at some point. I think I need to find a guitar teacher though. Noah is also an amazing rapper. During their holiday concert, Noah had a solo where he rapped and everyone was like wow. His teacher asked me if I knew about his talent, I said no. I love watching him perform. My mom said watching him perform is like her watching me when I used to perform.

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