Monday, May 1, 2017

Life Pearls makes a great new baby gift

When you become a parent, it's one of the most amazing things in the world. You have a new precious baby to love and take care of. You will quickly learn that time will go by so fast and just like that the years have gone by. It's also important to make memories and do activities with them to help them learn and grow every day. It can be difficult to come up with ideas and to remember to do this. There's a company called Life Pearls that helps you do this.  

Life Pearls was created by Audrey and David after deciding that they wanted to spend more quality time with their children. They think if a parent spends more quality time with their children that society can benefit. Your child will blossom in to stronger individuals because of your loving upbringing. I definitely believe this, children learn so much from their parent besides how to count and the alphabet. 

Life Pearls is a vase containing 936 pearls. Each pearl represents a week from birth to their 18th birthday. Every week you take out a pearl and use their app and you will have a fun activity to do with your child. 

The activity the first year are more for intellectual and physical development, but the real fun start at 18 months. Their goal is to create a family habit or reflex if you like to ensure that every week, parents do something fun with the kids. I think that if you create this habit when they are young, it will stick. It will become something your child will look forward to each week. It will become a family tradition that once a week your family will use Life Pearls. It will also create memories of being together and something they can look back on when they are an adult.

Here is a sample activity: 

You don't have to start at birth. You can easily start at any age, if you are looking for more meaningful things to do with your child other than explore the latest Minecraft world or do the same thing every week. You can just set the app to the proper age and week and start making memories. 
You will also receive a wooden display box to put the drawn pearls in. Not only will you have the memories of the activities but you will have a physical reminder that you can display in your home forever. It will be a great conversation starter and you can share your memories with others. 

Mother's Day is coming and it would make a wonderful gift for a new mom, even if the baby isn't born yet. It would be a great gift for any mom who has a child under 18. You don't have to start when they are a baby. It would also be a great baby shower gift. It would be much more meaningful than another outfit or a blanket. This is a gift that will last for many years to come. It will be there years after you pack up the baby clothes and blankets. It will grow with the child and truly enrich their life.

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