Sunday, April 16, 2017

We went on the Dolphin Racer

Noah and I love to travel. We went to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit my mom over spring break. We have been there so many times and we lived there for two years. This particular weekend, we couldn’t find anything going on. I found that to be odd because there is always some kind of festival. We thought we would just go to the beach and go to Johns Pass. My mom had the idea of going on the Dolphin Racer. Noah has never been on a dolphin cruise before. I had gone a couple times in the past. It wasn’t just a dolphin cruise though, it was in a speed boat. Noah was pretty nervous at first because he knew it was going to go fast. I reassured him that it would be fine and fun. It was a typical hot and beautiful day. We ordered our tickets online because it’s pretty popular and was spring break. 

Mama Dolphin with her baby
We had so much fun. The captain and first mate were so nice and funny. I laughed a lot.  We had a guarantee to “surf with dolphins” or our next trip was free. We definitely surfed with the dolphins. I recommend sitting in the middle back of the boat because that’s where you will see dolphins easiest. 
It was really cool because we could see my mom’s apartment from the boat, I actually knew were we were most of the time because I know the area. The captain and first mate knew a lot about the area and was very informative. It was definitely something I would say to do if you are in the area. You are in the boat for about two hours, you can purchase soda and water, which is important so you don’t dehydrate. Definitely bring sunscreen with you because you will be in an unshaded boat. I liked that you were able to walk around and get different views of the water. There’s also a bathroom which was nice. It’s not really that expensive for the experience. It was definitely worth the $68 for the three of us. I also got some amazing photos.

I really liked that they gave the kids a chance to drive the boat. Noah jumped on it. He was the first to drive it. Adults could do it too if they wanted. I wore a dress, I had mixed feelings about that. I liked that it was comfortable and cool, but it was windy. Next time I will wear my swimsuit under it. You don’t really get wet in the boat if you sit in the front. I don’t think anyone was soaked even in the back. We also saw the coast guard towing a yacht which was interesting. My mom and I had fun guessing what the reason was. I am pretty sure the boat broke down but you never know.  Starlite Cruises also offers a dinner cruise that I think would be fun to do sometime too. It would be more of a date though in my opinion. We had such a great time, we were very happy that we decided to go.

For more information check out Dolphin Racer.

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