Friday, April 7, 2017

Favorite Car Songs

There are so many songs about riding in the car or traveling. It has been something that musicians use to relate to their fans. Some people make those songs road trip play lists. Some songs are about cars themselves, the love of their car, or just traveling. Of course traveling in the car is something we hold dear to our hearts. It is the perfect subject for music. Music is something that can lift our moods or remind us of a special time we shared with someone. Naturally, riding in the car is something most of us have experienced. It doesn’t matter what genre you like to listen to, there is a good chance there are songs about traveling.  Here are 9 awesome songs about cars and traveling:

Drive by Alan Jackson is about a man who is telling the story of driving his dad’s old truck. He also sings about his daughters driving his truck too.

Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody is about a son who keeps taking his dad’s car out for joyrides and it’s going to drive him to drinkin’.

18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses by Kathy Mattea is about a trucker who is trying to finish up his last drive to get home to his wife and family and spend all his time with them. He is celebrating by bringing her flowers.

American Pie by Don Mclean is the classic America song about putting the Chevy to the Levy but the levy was dry.

Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts was the main song in the movie Cars. It’s about how life is a highway and you have to live in the fast lane and make the most of it.

Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin is such a great song. It’s about Janis joking about being able to fit in with society and asking God to help her by buying a Mercedes Benz.

Teen Angel by Mark Dinning is a really sad song about a girlfriend who was killed in a car accident when their car stalled on the train tracks. She went back for his class ring and didn’t survive. They obviously loved each other a lot.

Truckin’ by Grateful Dead is a song that reminds me of just taking off in the wind and seeing where you end up regardless of your challenges you gotta just keep truckin’.

Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys is the ultimate summer time song. It’s all about having fun in the sun until her dad catches up with her and takes her T-Bird away.

There are so many other songs about cars that I could write a book about them all. I hope you liked some of my picks. I am sure there will be many more car themed songs in the future. What are some of your favorites?

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