Monday, March 6, 2017

I signed up for Tinder

While I enjoy being single and doing my own thing, I got curious. I had heard about Tinder in passing and on tv. I thought I would never download it but I was curious. I was bored. I downloaded it. I didn't have high expectations. I have been online since  1992. I am very internet savvy. I am not saying I don't trust people online, wait that's basically what I am saying. Not everyone is a liar but there are a plethora of them for you to encounter. I figured I would download it. Check it out and if it was bad, I could delete it. No harm no foul. 

Tinder is the swipe left swipe right app. At first I had trouble with which way I wanted to swipe. I was able to figure it out quickly. I still swiped the wrong way a few times. I thought oh well, I guess that's a sign. Then it just became fun to swipe people. My first impression was this is solely an outer appearance app. I am a firm believer in what you look like doesn't mean you are good or bad. Someone's heart is what matters. You can find limited information. You have 500 characters for your profile. How can you share something of substance in 500 characters?  

I also don't like that they pull from the pages I like on Facebook to match me with people. It's really a minimum effort app. You can swipe yes or no and if they swipe
Yes too you can message each other. I do like that because you don't get propositioned for a hook up by some random stranger. Well, that's not actually accurate, you get propositioned by someone you picked out. Is swiping right permission to approach someone sexually? I would like to say no. Unfortunately, the world doesn't agree with me.

After I swiped through some yeses, I started receiving matches and messages. At first it seemed normal enough. Normal small talk that you engage with a stranger on the street. Followed by the getting to know you questions. I had had the app on my phone for three hours and had been asked to meet by FOUR different men. This wasn't after a long meaningful conversation where we clicked. This was with in twenty minutes. It was kinda creepy. I knew this was going to happen. I am not naive. I just didn't think it would happen to me.

 One guy asked if I wanted to have a pajama party and watch Law and order. Two guys asked me to go to dinner and the last guy asked me if I wanted to hook up. I declined all invitations. I am not big in meeting strangers after moments of talking to them. There are people I have talked to for a really long time and didn't meet. It doesn't mean I am "catfishing" them, I just am careful about who I have around. I'm a mom after all. I don't want unsavory  n'er do wells around my family. I don't make plans to marry them or run away either. I am open about the fact that I don't want to meet right away.  A couple of the Tinder guys stopped talking to me. That's totally fine. I hope they find what they are looking for as I am not it. I'm not mad about it. I know what lurks online. 

They don't know anything about me. I am obviously normal and honest but how do they know. Catfishing is a big thing. I just don't know how they fee comfortable about doing it. Anyone could pretend to be anyone. I mean when I was younger, I thought I was invincible. I also can't go out at the drop of the hat. I'm not sure if I ended up on a hookup site or what Tinder really is. I assume I will get bored with it and end up deleting my account. 

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