Friday, February 10, 2017

Traveling While Expecting Tips

It is pretty common to have to travel while you are pregnant. Your family wants to see you or you go on a Baby Moon. A Baby Moon is a trip couples take before the baby is born to celebrate or to have some alone time before your precious baby comes. While traveling can be stressful when you are pregnant, it can be a fun experience with some helpful tips.  You of course need to have your doctor’s permission and shouldn’t travel once you are over 32 weeks, just in case you go in to labor. If you are high risk, it may be best to stay close to home.  Traveling early is your best bet, but morning sickness can be something you experience too. 

 If you are traveling by car, here are some tips for you.

Plan extra time for stops. Being in the car for a long period of time can cause you to be stiff. Get out and walk around. Remember that you may have to use the restroom more often.

Bring pillows and blankets for extra comfort and for those much needed naps. When you are pregnant sometimes you get cold really easily.

Pack plenty of healthy snacks. Just because you are traveling, don’t forget to eat right. Remember, your baby eats what you eat. Sometimes it’s hard to find a great place to eat right off the highway.

Bottles of water will help you replenish your fluids and keep you hydrated. Drinking lots of water can help with early contractions.

Pack hard candies and mints to suck on if you start to have morning sickness or if you get car sick. You can also open the windows for fresh air.

Plastic bags are great in case you do get sick.  Don’t forget wipes and mouthwash for easy clean up.

Soothing music will help you relax or books on tape. Reading in the car can make you nauseous.

Wear layers in case you get hot in the car. A light jacket is easy to remove.  When you are pregnant your temperature can change frequently.

Know where a hospital is near where you are traveling in case you need to go to one. Remember to always go to labor and delivery because you will be seen faster if its pregnancy related.

Make sure to bring your prenatal vitamins and your doctor’s phone number in case you have a question or need to speak to them.

Please remember to discuss any travel plans with your doctor or midwife. They know you the best. Have a great trip! 

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