Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sandwich Bros. Review

Mornings for my family can be hectic especially when we have to get ready for school. I am honestly not a morning person but I have gotten better since I became a mom. Eating breakfast can really make your day better. It is hard when you have little time to eat. You usually have a little time so you grab a bowl of cereal or donuts. Both fill you up but you you seem to get hungry again mid morning. I am really trying to eat breakfast this year every morning. I am also trying to eat better. It's hard because mornings are stressful. 

I had the opportunity to try out some sandwiches from Sandwich Bros. They are made by Kangaroo Brands. I was already familiar with Kangaroo Pockets. When my cousin Susie was in college we used to go on picnics together and eat flat bread sandwiches. I would have cheese and garlic powder in mine. It's so good. Susie and I decided to go paddle boating once during a picnic. It didn't go well but we survived.

Sandwich Bros makes burgers and chicken sandwiches too. I love how easy they are to make. I am often eating while working. Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking. I can easily make a Sandwich Bros Angus Burger and go on my way. I like that it uses flat bread instead of a bun. Microwaving a Sandwich with a bun can be tricky. It usually ends up with a hard spot. Flat bread is delicious too. You don't fill up on bread too. You can have a yummy flat bread sandwich without having to buy fillings. Although you should pick up some Kangaroo pockets too because they are so versatile. You can find Sandwich Bros. at select grocery stores. I found them at Kroger. 

For more information and to see where you can purchase Sandwich Bros. check out their website.

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