Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Picture Keeper Review

When you take a lot of photos on your phone or on your computer, you hold your breath. You hope your computer doesn't crash or you don't lose or break your phone. Photos have become priceless to me as I have gotten older. You don't want to lose them. When we rely on technology, that is a real possibility. I had the chance to try out The Picture Keeper. It was so easy to use. I like knowing that I can keep my photos on the USB stick and not have to worry about it. You can use it for your phone and computer. It seems like you don't always have the option of both. It's so easy to use. It has 16 gb of space which is a lot. You can fit a lot of photos on it. It will also backup your contacts and info on your phone so when you get a new one, you don't lose your contacts. 

 Getting Started
1. Plug Connect into smartphone, tablet, or computer.
2. Launch Picture Keeper Connect App
3. Click "Start Backup" to get started.
4. Finds & Saves your Photos, Videos, and Contacts!
Compatible with iOS, Android™, Windows® & Mac®

*Initial backup saves all photos, videos and contacts, while future backups only save newly added files. Don't forget about friends and family! Easily backup multiple devices with Connect. Never worry about losing precious data ever again!

You can also share photos with friends and family without using data. I remember when Noah was younger, we would go on vacation and I would have to bring my laptop with us so I could take the photos off the camera. It was such a pain. I wish I would have had Picture Keeper. This was back when phones didn't take amazing photos. I also like that it doesn't copy the same photo over and over again. It will only add the new ones which saves space and time when you are looking for a specific photo for a school project or to display in your home. 

You can share it with a family member too. I know my mom is always asking me to copy her photos from different devices. I really think it's important to protect our data and photos. I also have copies of all of my articles so if I need it, it's not lost. Picture Keeper works with documents too. You could put all your important documents on Picture Keeper and put it somewhere safe or actually in your safe. That way you never lose those important shot records again. I really like Picture Keeper and it is something all families should have. 

To order and for more information please visit the Picture Keeper website.

One lucky winner will get their own Picture Keeper!

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