Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kid Free Travel Idea

If you are lucky, and have family close to you, you might have the opportunity to take a kid free vacation. A lot of people enjoy riding motorcycles. It is a dream of many people to drive cross country on your bike. You get to experience the US differently than driving in the car. You feel the wind on your body and can even go off the beaten path. You might even meet some new friends who are also biking across country.

 It would definitely be a trip to remember. It would be a great bonding experience with your spouse or your friends. You don't even have to have a route mapped out. You can go where ever you want. You can even pretend that you aren't a responsible adults with a job or that you have to help with homework. 

You can even buy new motorcycle apparel. They have some really cute motorcycle jackets for women. You don't have to wear a guys jacket. Use it as a chance to express yourself. Don't forget to get a helmet too. Remember that you need to replace your helmet every so often to make sure it's in top condition. Look for cracks and make sure it still fits you. You can get a discount motorcycle helmet online. It's really important to protect yourself. 

What if you don't have a bike? You can find a discounted motorcycle that you can buy. My neighbors go riding on the weekends and it looks like a lot of fun. You could even go to a bike week. There's one in Laconia NH that I always hear fun things about. It would be awesome if you found one and made friends and make it a tradition and do it every year. 

If you don't have family near by, maybe work something out with a friend where trey keep your kids and then you keep theirs so they have a chance to go in a kids free vacation too. 

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