Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Visiting Tarpon Springs Florida

 When I was younger we always would vacation in the Clearwater and st. Pete area. Now that we visit there it's awesome to do things with Noah that I did when I was young. I went to Tarpon Springs with my family when I was younger. So with Noah's love for all things ocean and sea life we went to Tarpon Springs.  I love Tarpon Springs. It's the sponge capital of the US. We went on a sponge diving trip. We set sail on The St. Nicklaus. It was so much fun learning about the history of sponges.  The first people to discover sponges were the Greeks.  I didn't know this. Then the Sponge divers traveled to the Bahamas and found sponges there and ultimately found them in the Gulf of Mexico. They decided to settle there and bring there families and Tarpon Springs was founded. Tarpon Springs is a huge Greek community. You can find many delicious Greek restaurants and bakeries.  You also can do a lot of shopping in the unique and interesting shops.  Be sure to pick up some sponges, you can find them everywhere.

Admission to Tarpon Springs is free of course.

A sponge diving boat trip is $8 per person and totally worth it.

The Sponge Dive hours vary. Just look for the orange and white boat.

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