Thursday, January 5, 2017

Renting a car while moving can help save time and money

When you are moving, it can be very stressful. It doesn't matter if you are moving across town or across country. Everyone has those fragile items they don't want the movers handling. They might be your most cherished heirlooms, special dishes or mementos. You probably do what everyone else does and take those in your car. Depending on how many boxes or plastic totes of fragile items it might take quite a few trips. 

I have some things that are irreplaceable. I would be very upset if something happened to them. On Christmas morning we always use the same dishes and while some of them were from fast food restaurants back when they sold real holiday glasses. We have had them since the early 90's. They are part of our traditions. Noah commented on how old they are because he saw the date on them. He was reminded to be careful with them. I know if anything happened to anything of my Grandma Rose's, I would be heartbroken.  It's not because they were expensive but because they were hers. 

If you are moving far away you can't make a lot of trips. A good idea is to rent an SUV or a van that you can have a loved one drive. It will help maximize your time and give you more space. You can usually return them elsewhere. If you have stuff in storage or moving by yourself, you could also rent a van or SUV and drive it to where you used to live. Even if you aren't moving far away, renting a bigger vehicle for a day can help you move faster. Rental cars aren't very expensive depending on where you are. I think that it's definitely worth it if you are worried about your special items. It would also help with moving costs because it's less work for the movers which means less money. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that things will arrive safely. 

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