Thursday, January 5, 2017

Leaving Kids in the Car in Winter

Everyone knows that you shouldn't leave your kids in the car in the summer. It's very dangerous and they could get seriously hurt. It's easy to want to run in and pay for gas or grab a drink and snack somewhere. It's never a good idea to leave them alone in the car especially if the keys are in there. If it's hot or even if it's cold. Once you turn off a car in the cold it can become below freezing in a matter of minutes. This is especially dangerous for infants and young children.

Actually no one should be left in the car in the cold without the car on. It's not good for anyone. Unless you're having car, trouble don't do it. Have blankets and heating packs in your car in case of an emergency. The elderly can also get hypothermia easily. I know it's annoying to have to go in to a store just for a minute but it can be lifesaving. Even if you think it's only a few minutes it could end up being longer. There could be a long line in the store. It isn't worth the risk of endangering your or your family's safety. Your kids may whine but they will get over it. You could always hire a sitter, your significant other or depending on their ages stay home. If the roads are bad and you don't have to go out don't. Stay home drink got chocolate and watch movies and play games and enjoy your family. 

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