Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter vacations can help you recharge

Winter can be a very gloomy time for some people. It’s a great time to get away on vacation and just relax. The holidays are stressful. There’s all the shopping and gift giving. There’s obligations and holiday programs. There’s family visiting and just so much to do. It can also be cold and nasty. The skies are always grey. Winter break is an excuse to get somewhere warm and suck up the sun. There’s many places you can travel that aren’t too far from home depending on where you live. You might not even like hot weather. You might want to go skiing. If you live in a very flat state like I do, there really isn’t anywhere to ski. Sure, there are a couple places that are decent to go but if you are going skiing or snowboarding, you want to go somewhere amazing. Here’s some great places to visit in the winter.

Florida, I know it’s cliché and everyone goes to Florida but there’s so many different places to go. You could go somewhere you haven’t been yet or an old favorite. We always went to Florida growing up. I still go there quite a bit. Depending where you go, you can be comfortable. It usually is in the 70’s most of the winter. I have gone to the beach on Christmas Eve, which was very weird for me. It’s warmer in Miami and Key West.  Key West is an awesome experience.

Cruises are also another fun winter vacation, you might even forget that you are on Winter Break. I know when I was living in Florida, I kept forgetting that it was winter. You can just get on a cruise and relax and not have to worry about cooking, cleaning or pretty much anything at all. They even have kid’s clubs that will watch your children for you while you go to the spa or take a nap during the day.

An indoor water park is a great place to go and they are all over the country. It might be cold outside but they usually have everything you need within the hotel. They have restaurants and activities. You don’t even have to go outside until you leave if you don’t want to. You will forget that it’s cold outside.

If you live somewhere warm, you might want to go somewhere where it’s cold. There are many people in the south that have never seen snow. That is a bizarre concept to me, but I know it’s true.  Plan a trip up north. When I lived in Florida, I went to New Hampshire the day after Christmas. I didn’t even have a proper coat. I just had a pea coat and I was freezing. I believe when you live somewhere warm, your skin thins out. I might have been the only person on my flight that was visiting and not flying home.

Colorado is a great place to go skiing. There are lots of mountains, lots of snow and breathtaking views. If you aren’t a skier, you can go to the spa or drink hot chocolate by the fire.

Visit a family member. If you have a family member you haven’t seen in a while, plan a trip to visit them. Same thing goes with a friend. I am not saying to stay with them, that could be too much, but at least make the trip, book a hotel and enjoy some time together. My cousin lives in Switzerland, I would love to eventually go see her because I miss her and Noah loves Kinder Eggs. My cousin and Noah have a special bond. 

Remember that your presence is more valuable than anything you can buy in a store.

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