Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vacations make a great gift

I am a very hard person to shop for. I am not sure why that is, it just is. I don’t want clothes unless it’s jammies. I don’t really need much but a vacation would be nice. I think getting together with your loved ones and pitching in on a vacation for someone as gift is an amazing gift.  I know that sounds expensive but if you plan it right and take advantage of different sales and dates than it can be affordable. Even if the family can’t cover the whole thing, you can pitch in. This would be a great gift for a stressed-out parent, someone who does things for everyone else or just someone who needs a break. Thing about it, if you put money towards a vacation, you know they will be more likely to go. They won’t want to let your gift go to waste. While picking the dates for someone unless it’s your family’s big gift for the year, might be difficult. You can get gift cards or vouchers towards different parts of the trip. 

Planning a big vacation as a holiday gift for your family is a great idea. I will tell you why. You can give the gift now, but take the trip later. This is smart if you are low on funds and need some time to save up or plan. Presentation is everything! You could wrap up a brochure or create a scavenger hunt to find clues.  You could give your family a trip to Disney World for next summer. It will give them something to look forward to and help plan. I think the anticipation is part of the fun. While being surprised that you are leaving on vacation right away is great, there’s something about the excitement and counting down and making it a trip that you won’t forget. It will be fun to plan together as a family. You can save more when you drive instead of flying. You can also go on off peak times where the rates might be cheaper. If your parents are looking for a gift idea, you can suggest them paying for a part of the trip, like the hotel or a special activity for your family.  I have learned that I prefer experiences than items sometimes.  I have so many amazing memories of trips I have taken and been on with Noah. 

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