Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tile Review

We are all busy parents. We have so many things going on with our kids, their school, their activities and trying to keep your home clean. We are great at multitasking but we aren’t super heroes with powers. I have a great memory, but I tend to lose things. When I get home from the store, I have the habit of throwing my keys down wherever I can. I am busy carrying in bags and they are just something in my hand. Well, that poses a problem for me. I don’t always put them in the same spot so I tend to have to look for them later. I even lost my keys once. I never did find them. I think they must have been thrown away. I know I had them at home, I just never saw them again. I was pretty sad about it too. I had my keys on my lanyard I got at a blogging conference. It reminded me of all the friends and fun I had.  I keep hoping someday they show up, but I think they are gone for good. I learned about a product called Tile.

It’s a really cool product called the Tile Mate, you attach to your keys or you can put it on your purse. You can get a Tile Slim that is the width of a credit card to put in your wallet. You have an app that you can press a button and it makes the Tile play music. It’s great for when you can’t find your keys or purse. Kids can put them in their backpacks when they put them in their rooms. My family keeps joking, I can attach one to my kitten Stormy who likes to hide. The app isn't designed to track anything that is moving. It will show you on a map where the item is. I really like it. Noah likes it too. He asks me to hide my keys so he can find it. There are several different ring tones. Right now, I have it playing Jingle Bells.  You can connect up to 8 Tiles to your app. It would make a great gift for a parent or a friend who loses their stuff.  

It also turns your device in to a Tile. You can log in on a computer if you lose your phone and it will ring even if it’s on silent. I don’t know how many times I have lost my phone, never when I was talking on it though. One day, I couldn’t find my phone for like three hours. I used my computer to call my mom to let her know so she wouldn’t worry. It ended up falling between the couch. I have a habit of putting my phone on the back of the couch and it will get knocked down. The ring tone is loud, you can easily hear it, so you aren’t hunting around straining to hear it. Setting it up is simple too. You just download the Tile App. Then you tap the Tile a few times and it connects using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Then you are ready to go. You can get the combo pack that has two Tile Mates and two Tile Slims. They also sell an 8 pack and a 16 pack. You can really share with your family. It makes a great gift. You could use a Tile to hide a special present too.

I think I will give my mom a Tile and have her download the app. Not because she loses things, just to make her life easier. I also love that there’s no monthly fee. You pay for the Tile and you are good to go. It’s so affordable too. You can get the Combo Tile Pack for $100, but it’s on sale for $70 right now. It will not only make your life easier, it will save on paying to have your car or home re-keyed.

For more information and to order please visit Tile.

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