Friday, December 9, 2016

Keep your kids hands warm with mittyz this Winter

Kids love to play out in the snow. It’s fun and exciting but it can be really cold outside. As a parent one of our challenges is keeping our children warm when they are outside. Sure, you can buy gloves or mittens anywhere but most of the time, they won’t keep your children’s hands warm after they have played in the snow for a few minutes. The mittens or gloves are never long enough and you end up with cold wrists. I am not quite sure how the snow ends up inside your sleeves, although I know it’s very uncomfortable. Even if it’s not snowing, you can end up with a draft where the end of your child’s gloves or mitten end. The wrist is a very sensitive area too. When Noah was younger it was always a challenge to keep him warm in the winter and let him play out in the snow. I know that sometimes it’s just too cold to be outside. However, you can’t always prevent that. Some mornings when it’s very cold, I secretly hope that there’s no school. That usually doesn’t happen. I used to hope that there was some kind of winter glove that would not only stay on but would keep him warm.

Veyo Kids had created veyo mittyz which are adorable kids gloves that will help your kids hands stay dry and warm. The prints are bright and fun. I love the Butterflies!  My friend’s daughter loves them too.  They are a huge mitten that are styled to fit over the bulkiest coat. It has an elastic adjustable cinch to keep the snow out.  There’s also a double pull wrist strap to keep the gloves on and the buckle helps with easy removal. I like that there’s no thumb hole, so you can just slide them on and not have to worry about where the fingers are. Thanks to the EasyThumb design with the thumb pocket.  They are easy to wash and dry by turning them inside out. Just put them in your washer and dryer.    

I love how soft they are. Some gloves are hard or itchy. The mittyz are soft all over.  They are also designed for children with special needs and disabilities in mind. Mittyz will stay on so you don’t have to worry about them falling off or repeatedly having to replace them.  They are great for snow, but they are also great for staying warm outside. I also like that they are big because you won’t be able to lose them easily.  They are so sweet. I wish Noah was young enough to use them.  They come in three different sizes: Small 6 months to 2 years. Medium 2-4 years Large 4-6 years.  They are made to last so you can definitely pass them down to siblings or other family members.

Here's some information from their website: We like to say these are "The Best Kid's Gloves on the planet." Specially designed winter mittens for children ages 6 and under.
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Oversized gauntlet to fit easily over any coat sleeve.
  • Elastic gauntlet cinch strap to seal out snow and ice.
  • Double pull wrist strap for quickly securing the glove on children's hands.
  • Quick release wrist buckle for easy removal after outdoor play.
  • Integrated thumb pocket for ease of putting on.
  • Easily reversible for quick drying.
  • Fleece lined inside for warmth.
  • Machine wash and dry.
  • Mittyz go on easy and stay on!
I gave a pair to a friend’s daughter who is two years old. She absolutely loves them. She talks about the butterflies and wants to wear them all the time, even in the house. Her mom is really happy too, because she doesn’t have to worry about her gloves falling off or wet and cold hands.  

 For more information and to order please visit veyo mittyz website

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