Friday, December 2, 2016

Help Track your Baby's Schedule with the BabyTime App

When you are a busy parent and rely on someone else to take care of your child for part of the time or has time with relatives, you have to communicate with them. I remember when I worked in daycare, we had to do daily charts for each child. They went something like, what they had for lunch, how often you changed their diaper, if they were wet or had a BM. If they were a baby, how much they drank and when. It was a lot of paperwork. I remember doing paperwork all the time. I knew it was a part of the job but I didn’t know that it was important until I became a mom. My son is ten years old. I remember when he was a baby I would print out charts so I could chart how much he was drinking and going to the bathroom. When a baby is a newborn, the doctor wants to know these things. If your child has trouble with growth or health concerns, it’s even more important. I am not even sure there were smartphones when my son was a baby, it would have been so easy to just record the data in an app and share it with my mom, who often took care of him in the mornings. We did it on paper but sometimes the paper would fall off the counter or even forget to record it. I couldn’t reach my mom easily at her job at the time. She’s a teacher so I couldn’t just call her up and talk to her. It would have been easier to share the information with my sister when she would take Noah for a few hours.  

Parents now have it easy with an app called BabyTime. It’s a great activity tracking  app where you can share all things baby with your spouse, grandparents, and caregiver. They can learn your baby’s routine through the information you provide in the app. iPhones have something called Widgets where you can get notifications from the BabyTime app without even opening it. It can alert you to when your child might be hungry soon based on their schedule or when it's almost naptime.  I also like that there’s really cute stickers to make it more fun.  You can also use it as a diary to record their growth, how much they are eating with ounces, how long they are sleeping each time, how often you are changing them and it would be fun to look back. I remember when Noah was drinking an ounce and it was a huge deal because he was so young.

I like that you can make a note. You could note if there was a lot of spit up, which is great if your child has reflux. You could pull out the app and tell the doctor. You don’t have to try and remember or remember to bring the paper you wrote it down on. You always have your phone. You can record when you have doctor’s appointments and any tips the doctor gives you.

I babysit for a few different families and I will ask everyone to download the app so they will have a live view of everything as it happens. I find the app really easy to use too. It’s very informative and fun.  You don’t have to worry about what is going on or if you forget to ask something. It’s like you are connected to your baby while you are at work. You can also record medicine when they are teething. You can write a diary and share all the special things you and your baby did, any milestones they met and look back on it. You can also track how your baby's sleep schedule is with BabyTime.  BabyTime makes parenting easier.

 For more information and to join the community, please visit the BabyTime website.
It’s also free to use. It’s available in iTunes.  You can download the BabyTime App

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