Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DallySisters Monogrammed Stickers

I love when items are monogrammed. It's really cool looking. It shows a sense of pride in your name. You can get pretty much anything monogrammed. It's also great for kids because it teaches them what letter their name starts with and it also makes it easy to know who owns which item. It cuts down on arguments. While people get their towels, bags and clothes monogrammed like Laverne from Laverne and Shirley who might have been the character who made monograming popular. Let's face it though, monogramming each item can be expensive. The company charge a fee for each item. That can make a good deal become much more expensive. 

DallySisters has you covered with monogram stickers. They look just like you paid the extra money to have the company add it. They are really easy to use. You can also get names too if monograms aren't your thing. You can use them for all kinds of things. Some of the items you can use them for are tumblers, walls, toys, phones, devices and even on your car. They come in many different sizes. They are great for parties, weddings and showers. You can order the size you need. They even double check that you have the right size by asking you what you are using it on. The sheet of 20 stickers is the most economical. They are really beautiful and it's an easy way to personalize anything you want. They are also easy to apply. I think it would be really cool to get your initials monogrammed on the wall. A lot of parents will put their child's name on their bedroom wall. DallySisters can help you with that. No searching six craft stores looking for one letter that you can't find. When my sister was pregnant with my nephew, she had four people looking for one letter in different states. Just order with DallySisters and you are all really to stick it on and forget it. 

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