Saturday, December 3, 2016

Comfort doesn't have to be expensive with Addable Mattress

Sleep is very important to your health. It helps your body rest and can even help fight diseases. Many people do not get enough sleep. A common reason for lack of sleep is having an uncomfortable mattress. If your mattress is lumpy or uncomfortable, you will have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. You may also experience aches and pains when you wake up. It’s also important to replace your mattress every eight years because they can wear down and become heavy due to skin and dust mites. Quite a few people know this but don’t follow this advice. People are under the impression that a comfortable and high quality mattress is very expensive. When you live paycheck to paycheck an additional expense is something you tend to put on the back burner. You see ads for mattresses that are expensive and you decide that’s not an expense you can handle at the time. You might even have gone mattress shopping. Noah got new bedroom furniture this summer. He was sleeping on a queen-sized bed that wasn’t very comfortable. He needed a twin bed so I had to go mattress shopping too. I hate mattress shopping. It’s annoying to go to a bunch of different places, not knowing who has the best deal.  You might even settle for something just to get it over with.

 You continue to lose sleep and wake up sore because you aren’t aware that a comfortable and high quality mattress is not always expensive, you just need to know where to shop. Addable sells affordable gel foam mattresses that are comfortable and a lot less than the department store. Great price, but didn't sacrifice on the quality of the mattress. It would cost over a $1,000 at a department store for a mattress. Addable has a Mattress Matchmaker to tell you what kind of bed you should get without going mattress shopping. Addable really cares about your sleep and if you aren’t a good fit, they will tell you. They will not try and talk you in to it. I love that they are so transparent when it comes to who is their ideal user. 

I would buy everything online if I could. I prefer it to shopping in the store with high pressure salesmen who try and up sale you on everything. I like to have time to think about purchases and compare, it’s hard to do that with a salesperson looking at you, wanting a yes or a no right then and there.  Chances are there’s a sale that is going on so coming back later isn’t an option. Then you must set up delivery, because you can’t really strap a mattress to the hood of your car and drive home.  You have to spend all day waiting for them to show up at their leisure. Delivery for Noah’s furniture was a $149 flat fee. When you order on online at Addable.  they offer free delivery. There’s no smelly delivery men to wait for. You know the only day they have available is a day you want to do something else. It’s delivered in a box and when you are ready to set it up, it’s so easy and you can just relax.

 I really like that Addable gives you a 181-night risk free trial. I think that is just the right amount of time.  It helps you know if this is the right mattress for you. Noah’s mattress had a 14 day return policy or something.  Thankfully he’s a kid and could sleep anywhere. Addable mattresses are made in USA too. I love to support USA made products.  Mattress shopping shouldn’t be a huge pain and with Addable it can go smoothly and you won’t lose sleep over it. If Addable isn’t the right fit for you, you can easily return it. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. Although most mattresses are expected to be replaced every 8 years.

For more information and to order please visit Addable. Be sure to use the Mattress Matchmaker to see what mattress is best for you.

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