Friday, December 9, 2016

Car Hacks that make your life easier

It’s been a while since I have shared some hacks with you. My hack posts have been extremely popular so I wanted to write another post with more car hacks. I have discovered these and they are brilliant. There are so not so brilliant ones, but they aren’t on my list.

If it’s hot outside, roll down the window, walk to the other side of the car and open and close the door a few times and it will cool it down quickly.

If you are driving in a rental car, look at the dash at the fuel gauge. You can tell which side the gas cap is on by where the arrow points. No more having to check or realizing you are on the wrong side.

You can use a rubber band if you don’t have a phone holder by looping it through the air vent.

If you want save money on air fresheners for your car, keep an open package of dryer sheets in your car. It will last a lot longer than traditional air fresheners.

When it’s hot outside turn your wheel 180 degrees when you park so the top of your steering wheel isn’t hot.

Holding your car remote under your chin will improve its range, that’s great for when you are using the lights to find your car.

Never wonder which side your exit is on, the exit sign is positioned on the right or left depending on which side the exit is on.

If you are stuck in traffic, look at what lanes the trucks are in, they usually know which lanes to avoid because they have radios.

Never lose your car again while you are out, you can drop a pin on your phone’s GPS and you will never have to remember where you parked again. If you are walking around a town you can easily use the GPS to find your way back to the car. It would also be great at theme parks where all the parking lots look the same and you don’t want to remember which character and what color parking lot you are in.

If you are feeling car sick, tilt your head to the side, it will make you feel better.

When you are driving a rental car or even borrowing a car from a friend, take photos of the car before you drive it to show previous damage.

I hope you enjoyed these awesome hacks and they make your life easier.

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