Monday, December 19, 2016

Actress Melissa Bolona In Category 5 - Directed By Rob Cohen

The New Year will bring new movies to the box office. Among these, is Category 5 with Melissa Bolona, an edgy action thriller with a promising cast and story-line. 
Category 5 follows a meteorologist and treasure agent as the two attempt to stop a heist amid a category five hurricane.  A natural disaster can bring out the best, and the worst, in humanity. And just as some people prepare to flee a potentially deadly storm, a group of thieves conspire to get rich quickly by breaking into a Mint Facility and stealing newly printed money. The threat of a hurricane and the chaos of evacuation provide the perfect cover for the thieves- as well as potential danger. However, things will likely not go according to plan as the last two people in town will be trying to prevent the robbery. 

The film promises action and suspense of the heist, a potentially deadly storm and a couple of unlikely heroes. The cast of Category 5 includes several notable actors including Melissa Bolona, known for her role in The Neighbor, Tommy Kebbell, from Ben Hur  Maggie Grace from The Choice, and Ryan Kwanten, known for his performance as Jason in the HBO hit True Blood. Director of the film, Rob Cohen, is certainly no stranger to action movies having been part of productions like XxX, and The Boy Next Door. In an interview for Variety magazine, Cohen expressed excitement at pairing a heist with a natural disaster for a super adrenaline packed film that is sure to be one of the most intense action movies of 2017. 
The Melissa Bolona-featured film is due to hit theaters in November of 2017 and is currently in post-production with trailers under way. Make sure to keep an eye out for this film.

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