Monday, November 14, 2016

Three Ways to Save Money on Getting Your Driver's License

Learning to drive can be an important thing to do, whether you are a teen looking to gain the freedom of having your own car, or someone who has perhaps put off learning to drive but wants the convenience of being able to get around without having to deal with trains, buses and taxis. Of course, like any other major skill, it does cost money to learn and there are costs associated with the theory and practical tests, too.
Happily, there are some good ways you can keep the cost of learning to drive down, and you may well find that spread over the period it will take you to learn, it can be well within your budget. Here are three ways to save on getting your driver's license:
Use Free Online Resources to Help You
OK, so there isn't yet an app that can teach you to drive all by itself, but there are some very helpful tools on the web that can help you study the theory. Check this site out for free mock theory tests that are based on real DVLA theory test questions, and randomised so that they are different each time you take them, helping you make sure you are ready before your actual theory exam. By looking for apps and websites that can help you do things like learn the Highway Code and revise your theory, you can get the cost of studying theory down to basically zero – no need to buy any books or other media.
Buy Lessons in Packages
Whether you opt for one of the big name driving schools or an independent teacher (which is also usually cheaper), driving lessons are quite often cheaper if you buy a package of, for instance 20 lessons at once, rather than paying for them one at a time. If you can afford to do this it can be well worth it as you will save over the course of learning to drive, so look on the websites of the driving schools you are considering or ask when you call them if there are discount packages available.
Practice with Friends or Family
Most people do choose a professional instructor rather than getting someone they know to teach them everything, because at first, the fact that professional driving instructors use cars with dual controls can be reassuring. However, once you have some confidence in operating a car, getting as much practice as you can with your friends or your partner will mean you will need less lessons overall and save money on the total cost of learning. As long as someone is over 21 and holds a licence they can supervise you while you drive (insurance permitting), so ask anybody you think would be willing to help!
These are three great ways you can make savings on the full process of passing your theory test, learning to drive a car, and ultimately becoming a fully-fledged driver!

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