Monday, November 28, 2016

MakeIt Kit Review

Noah loves to create things. He loves to draw, paint, use pastels and even sculpt with clay. He is great at drawing. I am constantly amazed at how well he draws. He didn’t get that from me. I am horrible at drawing. I love all his many works of art. I have many of them hanging up around the house. I love when kid’s artwork is turned in to something you can keep. Paper doesn’t last forever. It rips, you spill things on them, unless you store it, there’s a good chance life will find its way on the paper. I had the opportunity to work with MakeIt Kits. It’s a great company that will turn your child’s art work in to a plate. I remember doing something like this when I was in school. I gave it to my Grandma Rose and she displayed it proudly. I have wanted to do this with Noah but since I made it in school, I wasn’t sure how to do it. Thankfully MakeIt kits make it easy.  You receive a kit with plenty of templates. I love that they have extra because that way your child can make different pictures and choose their favorite. If you end up needing more, you can print additional ones from their website. It’s so easy. If you aren’t artistic, they have pre-made templates that you can color. You could really do this with old artwork too. You could make a copy of it, and put it in the template.

 Once you pick the lucky piece of art, you scan it in your computer and finish ordering. I love that you don’t have to mail it in. After you send the design in, they will mail you the finished plate. I see Noah’s plate being something we use for years. He eats off plates, I ate off when I was like five. Oddly enough they are in great condition other than a couple chunks missing from the side. Not bad for thirty-year-old plates. This would be a great gift for classrooms to do for their parents.  I think it would be a great teacher gift for the class. You could have all the kids sign their name and present it at the end of the year. I wonder if that would be something plausible. I hope Noah’s teacher didn’t write my blog name down. Noah talks about my blog all the time. 

It would last a lifetime. Since it’s the holidays, I wanted to tell you about something I have that is like the Make A Plate Kit. When I was in Daisies, when I was in Kindergarten, our troop made place mats for our family members. They are glued shapes that make up a Santa, a Bear, and a Candle. They are protected by contact paper, they aren’t even laminated. Every year for the last 29 years, they have been on our kitchen table. Noah loves looking at them too. Those things your kids make are really treasures. A Make A Plate Kit would be a great gift. You could give it to your child or give the finished plate to a loved one. It’s a fun and practical way to celebrate your child and cherish the memories of when they are young.

You can find Makeit Kits at Craft and toy stores near you or on Amazon. If you want to do everything digital you can purchase the digital kit. Kits are $19.99.

For more information please visit the Makeit Kit Website.

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