Sunday, November 27, 2016

Elastic Precision Rubber Band Gun Review

As a mom of a boy and having no brothers of my own, boy stuff is a new territory that I have had to navigate since Noah was born. I love that I have a son, I am not girly. I have found it interesting. I am proud of everything I have learned and done. I never really saw me being able to bait a hook, and remove a fish. I remember when I was younger I would ask someone else to do it for me. I realized one day that I don’t have that person so I had to do it. My days are filled with stepping on the occasional plastic block and listening to the swishing sounds of them.  Like other boys, Noah likes things that projectile off in to the air. He loves when his toys have missiles or to shoot the occasional item in the air.

He became fascinated with launching rubber bands after we attended a local event where they taught him to use one to help fly his paper airplane. He has taken the opportunity to launch any rubber band he can find. He has been reminded a few times to stop using my hair things to play with. He also likes to make stars out of rubber bands too. I taught him how to do that, I learned it in high school and it never left my memory. I am not sure I can explain how to do an algebraic equation but, if you ever have the need to make a star out of a rubber band, I am your girl.  I love to look for fun toys for Noah to play with. I like to find things he doesn’t know about because honestly, how many more sets can I buy him? I like him to have diverse interests. He has mentioned getting some popular toy guns that shoot foam things but they are so expensive. If you lose the ammo, well you can either buy more which are almost equally expensive or you can’t use it anymore. There’s so many types of ammo so you must make sure you get the exact one.

I learned about a company called Elastic Precision. They sell rubber band guns that are handmade out of Maple. I must tell you the story of how Elastic Precision started. Brent was a college student who wanted to buy Nerf guns for him and his buddies in college but couldn’t afford it, so he decided to make his own rubber band guns out of wood.  He has over 100 acres of hard wood forest. He likes to use fallen or damaged trees to make the rubber band guns. He doesn’t have to outsource the wood or go to the lumber store, he can get it within walking distance of his own wood shop. He doesn’t waste the left-over wood, he totally uses it in other ways. He uses the large limbs as firewood, and the smaller limbs as mulch. The rubber band guns are made from Sugar Maple so they will last for a long-time vs the plastic ones that will wear down and break. We received the Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun to try out.  It’s Modeled after the classic “1911” handgun. It’s made with all wood construction. There’s no plastic pieces. It Semi-Automatically fires 6 rubber bands and comes with ammo, and instructions. The Rubber Band Guns are made in the USA in Kansas. You can even get it engraved if you would like.

 It holds 6 blue rubber bands. I like that they are blue because you can find them easier than if they were brown. I also like the rapid-fire option. You can shoot the rubber bands as fast or as slow as you want.  It’s nice looking too. While it has the shape of a gun, you won’t mistake it as an actual gun, which I find important for safety reasons.  Noah has had some fun with practicing shooting. I have been mom though and said be careful, don’t aim it at anyone’s face or yourself. He says I am too overprotective, maybe I am. He likes to pretend we are in the Wild West but, I don’t have anything to use. He knows to point it at the ceiling.  It would make a great holiday gift or just something fun to do this winter while the weather is bad.

For more information and to order please visit Elastic Precision.

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